Buying a car

Purchasing a new car is a fairly simple process as the registration of the vehicle on behalf of the new owner is usually done by the car dealer.
As part of their customer service, the dealership will also take care of extras in the car that might need a registration such as dark screens on the windows (in Portugal you can only have the back windows screened dark) or an advertisement in your car.
However, buying a second-hand or used car can be tricky.
If you purchase a second-hand car from a dealership, they usually provide a one-year guarantee – but it is always a good idea to have the car looked at by a mechanic you trust;
In addition, the documentation of the second-hand car needs to be carefully verified – as a lot of cars can have hidden charges including debts of previous owners or belong to leasing companies. Always request verification and, if necessary, consult a specialized company or professional.
This BLOG does not intend to be an exhaustive explanation of the procedures; For more information send us an email HERE.